Vegan Essentials

I’ve only been Vegan for 6 months, but I swear the Vegans I have met so far are some of the sweetest people on the planet!

When I ordered my Vegan Bodybuilding t-shirt to celebrate my Vegan Fit self, this is what else I got. Personal note, multi-colored drawings on the envelope (yep that’s me on the pedestal), and some free nutritional samples.

They don’t only offer t-shirts on their site, they’ve also got links to vegan footware, skincare, and all sorts of other products. They have amazing service, and they’re good people, check ’em out:

Love and Vegetables,

The Plant Powered Woman

My package from Vegan Essentials


4 responses to “Vegan Essentials

  1. Hey there! Great blog. I do have one question for you. Were you doing any bodybuilding prior to starting a vegan diet? I’m just curious if you’ve noticed differences in your ability to build muscle. Also, what proteins do you rely on and how often (how many times a day) do you use them?

  2. I’ve been weightlifting for about 15 years, I competed at age 35 and 39, so I had quite a bit of muscle to begin with. Since starting the vegan diet I have not noticed any difference in my workouts, I’m just as strong, and my photos show crazy muscle definition in my back. I have 10 more lbs to lose and then I will compare my photos to my competition photos from 10 years ago. I get all my protein from my diet, I eat a lot of spinach, beans, legumes etc. I’ll post some new “muscle” photos soon.

  3. Did u mean ?

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